Bell Jar: Stage One

Stage One of the Bell Jars. I found a link on youtube to help me out on the measuring. jar


Butter Bell with no Ring

I am currently taking a ceramics class…maybe I’ll get good enough to make these…butter_full

Knitting gloves?

Knitted Gloves

Knitted Gloves

So I really want to learn how to knit these gloves, it looks simple enough. Anyone have any ideas where to find a pattern?

Disappointing Final Performance

Had my last final last night at school. I know I did not do as well as I could have. It makes me sad. I know I am better than that. 

Five weeks off. Need to focus on all the arts, start preparing ceramics, knitting, baking…

Anyone have any ideas?

You say Learn…I say Finale’ (It’s French)

Tis the end of the Learn and Play sega, so I need to write what I have learned and my overall thoughts about Web 2.0.

I do have to admit I am so glad, I took the time to learn all of these things. Even my live n lover, was dumbfounded by all the things I incorporated into our daily lives. For instance, I have a wiki now for all projects that need to be done around the house as well as a grocery list. The live n lover uses the grocery list more than the projects (men-go figure).

One thing I did learn about beyond Learn and Play through Flicker was Tag Galaxy
I love this search sight. Instead of searching visuals on Google, you can simply type in an image you want and it will link you through string design to all sorts of images resembling your original search.
I believe it is still new, but I highly recommend it to everyone. Especially Parent with Kids!

Twitter is definately my favorite past time. But Bloglines does save me a great amount of time for school projects.
So there you go…thanks be to Learn and Play. Now send me my free stuff!

#23 Moldi? Oldies?

I went through and found two (2) movies that I would love to downloaded. I am really hoping when the option to download on your IPOD becomes available they will reconsider a more modern selection of movies to choose from. I mean…come on…I am all about Turner Classics and Film Noir, but the selection is so outdated. I am seriously wondering who is the target audience? I really have not seen too many senior citizens, downloading videos to their Ipod. There is a huge generation block going on here…some one should defiantely reconsider doing a survey.

~Bonus! All that is Random~

10 things that are random about moi.

1. I love carrots

2. My art is purely Femme Fatale at it’s finest.

3. I am naturally blonde

4. The reason I am so organized is, because I am so flacky.

5. I make up fancy words to sound intellectual

6. People compare my random behavior to Pheobe from ‘Friends’

7. No one calls me by my real name, my friends call me Peaches  (I got lost in wyoming and asked for directions from a very frightening truck driver at a small hometown diner…scenerio

Me-Can someone give me directions to Colorado?

Random Trucker- You’re not from around here…are ya Peaches. Come sit by me and have a piece of Peach Pie.

-Um…I really need to get back 

— You can follow my big truck, I’m heading right there…but first…have a seat Peach, and enjoy this piece of Peach Pie.

So I sat down and ate the world’s best homemade Peach Pie…

9. I was a side show gal for a freak show circus, two summers in a row. 

10. I am a member of Insomniac Anonymous. Our meetings are usually held at midnight. I once didn’t sleep for three days straight.

#21 Yawn!PoDCast

You are probably wondeirng why these last “learn and play” entries have taken me so long. Well to be honest I was totally lost on the PodCast. So I finally asked Michelle to show me how to download and listen. It seemed everytime I went to podcast alley, I found a dead end wall. The alley went no where…which is true…no one told me to copy and paste the RSS feeds into my bloglines…This whole shin-dig should have been included with the bloglines, to make it less confusing. So once I Michelle explained, then I found the podcasts entertaining enough, but I prefer Youtube. I don’t see myself using podcast for anything. Perhas during the election it would have been helpful to listen to the alternative perspectives throughtout the nation but other than that…boring.

Hot Library Smut

Please do not ask me how I found this site, but I will admit I am glad I did. The voyeur in me loved admiring the amazing curvatious stairwells within these libraries…Check it out…

#20 Learn your Manners with Mr.Bungle

Since I have always been a huge fan of classic classroom films, I thought this was perfect to illustrate and remind the public how boring these ‘Mind you Manners’ Film Stills were. Somehow the films are so mesmerizing with the faded colors and so surreal with how the children ACTUALLY dressed that way…perfect curls.

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